Our Ingredients


    We carefully select seasonal local products from the Union Square Green Market to create new dishes using Japanese traditional techniques and flavors. These ingredients will appear on our menu during their peak seasonality.

    Here is a guide to what special ingredients you will find during each season.

    Spring: Kogomi (Fiddler Fern), Cherry Blossom Leaves, Arugula, Micro Turnip, Apricot, Wakame seaweed

    Summer: Yellow Leaks, Winter Melon, Melon Cucumber, Edamame, Lotus Root, Okra, Junsai-shield, Umibudo (sea grape)

    Autumn: Matsutake Mushroom, Lobster Mushroom, Chestnuts, Ginko Nuts, Wolfberry, Persimmon, Fava Beans, String Beans, Kabocha-squash, Pomegranate, Burdock, Satsuma-yam, Kyoho-grape, Pear

    Winter: Turnip, Daikon, Tokyo-scallion, Donko-shiitake, Fuji-Apple


    Spring: Torigai (beakneck clam), Shako (mantis shrimp), Topneck clam, Firefly squid, Sakuramasu (cherry salmon), Hatsu-gatsuo (spring bonito), Kasugo (baby red snapper).

    Summer: Kisu (Japanese whiting), Unagi (freshwater eel), Anago (sea eel), Hamo (pike eel), Ayu (sweet fish), Awabi (abalone), Shinika (golden cuttlefish), Aoriika, (bigfin leaf squid), Marbled Sole, Aji (horse mackerel), Suzuki (wild striped bass), Kochi (bartail flathead).

    Autumn: Modori-gatsuo (autumn bonito), Akamutsu (black throat), Kinme (golden eye snapper), Kohada (gizzard shad), Shiroebi (white shrimp), Akisaba (mackerel), Sardine, Uni (sea urchin from Maine), Hon-maguro (blue fin tuna from Boston), Kajiki-maguro (sword fish), Sanma (pike mackerel), Ikura (salmon roe from Hokkaido, Japan).

    Winter: Kanburi (yellowtail from Himi port, Japan), Kansaba (mackerel from Japan Sea), Ivory Salmon, Karasumi (mallet roe), Ankimo (monkfish liver), Shirako (cod milt), Spiny Lobster, Matsuba Crab, Alaskan King Crab, Fugu (blowfish).


    Our talented chefs hand make our soba noodles daily. This traditional technique takes special skills and practice. The noodles are cut by hand and then quickly boiled. Expect a little bite in the texture. We serve icy cold soba noodles with dashi all year long. You can add ikura and or sea urchin for extra flavor and texture. In the cooler months we recommend  hot soba in broth with duck or shrimp.


    Our wasabi is from Amagi mountains in Izu Peninsula, Japan. It is grown in terraced farms with continuous flow of silent stream. This wasabi is naturally sweet and creamy balancing its sharpness.  At times we purchase fresh wasabi root from British Columbia where they have created similar wasabi farming practices.