The Chefs


    Chef Noriyuki Takahashi is the Executive Sushi Chef of the Michelin-starred sushi program at 15 East. Chef Takahashi was appointed to the position by owners Marco Moreira and Masato Shimizu, due to his high level of skill and impressive pedigree. Before arriving at 15 East, Chef Takahashi was the Sushi Sous-Chef at SushiAnn (formerly known as Tsukiji SushiSay) for 20 years and was trained and worked as Sous Chef at the Tsukiji SushiSay flagship location in Japan.

    Chef Takahashi is a native of Saitama, Japan. Takahashi moved to New York in 1995 to work at Tsukiji SushiSay’s New York outpost. Chef now lives in Jackson Heights with his wife. While he spends most of his time around sushi, Chef Takahashi admits Italian food is his favorite choice for a night out with his wife.

    15 East is now in its 7th year of operation.